Turkey thighs

I found turkey thighs at Kettle Range Meat a butcher shop on State street essentially in Saz’s parking lot. Turkey thighs are hard to come by, partiuclarly ones with the skin on. Even more particularly organic, local, free range, so I stocked up. Kettle Range specializes in meat that is all that, local, organic and pasture raised, etc.

Green chile chicken thighs are a favorite of mine and I made them with roasted cauliflower. After the thighs were roasted I peel off the skin and spread out on a plate and roast it separately so the skin gets super crispy and crunchy after which I chop it up and sprinkle it on top like cracklin’s (I saw this on Cook’s Complicated, er, Illustrated, though they did it with pork). In theory this should be totally delicious but earlier in the day the RIMFCP expressed a level of disgust at dark meat, particularly the skin…I am highly suggestable it seems. I knew what he was talking about. I know that smell. 

The thighs were good enough even though now I am suspicious of them, I didn’t eat the skin. The cauliflower, mmm, not so much. And I still have half the roasted cauliflower so I’m thinking I’ll make “mac” and cheese out of it. I watched them make it on Cook’s Complicated, er, Illustrated yesterday. Real macaroni and cheese. I’m substituting cauliflower for pasta, what could go wrong? I’m certainly not going to talk to the Sergeant Major about it.

Sorry Francis Lam

I really love how Francis Lam writes. I think his recipes are easy to follow, enjoyable to read and generally something I’d like. So when I read his recipe for Italian sweet and sour cauliflower, I thought gotta try it. I love sweet and sour, cauliflower and Italian.

So not anything I will ever make again. I ate it but wasn’t that happy about it.