McCauliflower and cheese

I seem to not know what I am thinking quite a lot of the time. I thought I was heading into unknown territory. I really thought, OK, I have left over cauliflower, I need to do something with it, and then I watched Cook’s Complicated, er, Illustrated Mac and Cheese show and thought, OK, I can do that, it will be palatable at best. I’d eat it but be thinking I could throw this out…but what was I thinking???

Cauliflower and cheese? What’s not to like? The cauliflower looked kind of gruesome but I forged ahead and chopped it up. I just heated it up with some water and threw in some cheese. Cook’s Complicated, er, Illustrated said to use half American cheese, which I did. And it melts like a dream. The rest was cheddar. That’s all it was and it was go-oo-oo-d! No carbs.

Getting off the cheese that burnt onto the pan has not be exactly a trip to the park.