On another note

OK, I received this ENORMOUS package from Restoration Hardware. I don’t think I have ever bought anything of significance there. Maybe some curtain rods and a couple of funny retro gift things at Christmas time. But no furniture. So this honkin’ package of catalogs from Restoration Hardware arrives, delivered by UPS. The thing weighs at least 8 pounds. So heavy that I dread taking it to recycling. It was wrapped in huge plastic but inside there’s a really good explanation of how this massive waste of paper is actually good for the environment. First there’s the “carbon neutral” shipping practice. Then there’s the idea that their 13 “source books” only come once a year. And then there is their “responsibly sourced” paper. Somehow through their twisted logic they think this is sustainable.

The responsibly sourcing sounds good but feels meaningless.

More importantly, nothing inside looks any different than it has for 20 years.