Tuna salad

I get my tuna from some guy in Washington or maybe Oregon. I don’t really eat that much of it but as you can see I have a decent supply. When I buy it, I get a lot of it. Shipping is expensive and if I’m gonna get it shipped to me I may as well keep it in stock. 

I made tuna salad. No magic to the recipe. Tuna and mayonaise are good enough but I put celery, onions and red pepper in it. I forgot to put capers in it, still, it was good. Capers are just cherries on top.

Deviled eggs

Tonight is French class. It is also my birthday and so as une petite fete de mon anniversaire I am making a little repas. Deviled eggs are delicious and generally a pain in the ass to make but I like an undertaking. I bought new eggs since I’d used all the eggs making other stuff, most notably the mushroom bread pudding, and new eggs are often hard to peel but I simmered them for 12 minutes, then dropped them in ice water and they peeled like a dream.

I add mayonnaise, mustard and Miracle Whip to the mushed up yolks. Once that’s whipped smooth, I add sweet relish, chopped capers and green onion. Lookit how perfect those waiting whites are.

The olives in the center are just using up space.


I love watermelon. Any melon really, except for honeydew, which I totally don’t get. Growing up we had muskmelon in our garden. They were always the best, if you could get to them before the raccoons. The problem I have with melons I buy now, well, I have a few of them. You never know how it’s gonna taste, I hate getting one home only to discover it has no taste. They are huge in the refrigerator, and some of them make the refrigerator stink.

At least I have solved the problem of the crappy tasting watermelon. I put it in salad. Even lousy watermelon is good when you put vinaigrette on it. Last night, being lazy, I used vaguely passable bottled Italian. But when I made my own shallot, caper vinaigrette and used pretty good (as opposed to really good) olive oil it was AMAZING. Full disclosure, it is Karen’s vinaigrette recipe but I have made it mine.

Shallot caper vinaigrette

1 shallot chopped, about 2 TB

2 TB dijon mustard

2 TB wine wine vinegar

Whisk this all together and slowly

add while whisking:

6 – 10 TB olive oil

Salt and pepper

Once you have the vinaigrette to a lovely rich consistency add;

2 TB brined capers and a little brine

This stuff lasts for a while in the refrigerator, let it sit at room temp 

for a while and re-whisk before using.