Of expiration dates

Seriously? This is going to expire on February 28, 2014?? May 28, 2014? Who decides this? I have canned stuff that is decades old and I would never be afraid to eat it. I recall reading about some explorers who found canned goods in some desolate spot on their search for some other explorers who had gone missing half a century earlier and the canned goods were still edible. And this was in like 1923.

How in the world did we live without this information? Why aren’t more of us dead?

I know someone who took a cup of yogurt back to the store a week after its expiration date. This is insane.

From Bloomberg BusinessWeek:

“The Food & Drug Administration, which regulates packaged foods and
drugs, only requires a use-by, or expiration, date on infant formula.”


“The Agriculture Dept., which regulates fresh produce and meats, only
requires labeling of the date when poultry is packed at the farm.”


“In fact, both the FDA and the USDA have a pretty laissez-faire attitude when it comes to food shelf-life labeling.”

All of this is a plot to make you throw stuff out and buy more. They rely on your fear.

As a post script to this, when I was discussing with my mother the fact that she had canned goods that did not have expiration dates on them (which is to say that she had food so old it didn’t have the expiration dates marked on it) she replied tersely, “don’t be ridiculous, those are meaningless.”