My friend Carol spends her winters in Florida hiding from all that cold weather in her true and natural habitat up north. And while I feel this is obviously a copout, I am more than willing to take advantage of her gracious hospitality, lovely home and warm weather. So I am here lolling around being waited on hand and foot, and chauffeured hither and tither, hiding from the extraordinarily cold weather up north.

Yesterday we took a tour of mangrove islands. It was an interesting boat ride through the Everglades (spiders and crabs!) but lunch in Everglade City beforehand was worth the price of admission. I knew as I saw the rusted out Volkswagen something transcendent was about to occur.

Lunch was excellent, from the fried green tomatoes to the grouper salad. But the place was perfect. When I have my restaurant it will be just like that. Oh wait. It already was.