The lustrousness

Cacia e pepe. Maybe. I think that’s what this was. Although it wasn’t made the way I’ve seen it made before and they used pickled green peppercorns like the ones the french use on steaks instead of the cracked black pepper which I seem to think is what is supposed to be used.

This is Tra di Noi an Italian restaurant we like but which is run by Russians so I’m guessing they do things their own way, I mean, you know . . . Russians. Whatever the confused dish it was; it was completely and utterly sublime.

I don’t see cacia e pepe on menus in the US but then maybe my restaurant-going in the US is pretty limited. I’ve only had it in Rome (or maybe Florence or some damn place in Italy) and Frankfurt and it is truly one of the best things I’ve ever eaten.

They wanted to put truffles in it but I was like Jesus God No!