Slop C (MOP)

It’s been nearly a month of no dairy and no gluten. I may have accidentally had a glass of wine or 2 along the way. But I in no way feel different than I did on December 31st. Not eating gluten or dairy for 3.5 weeks has had no impact on me whatsoever, and I’ll test this further when I binge/gorge on it this coming weekend.

This particular slop, more like chicken soup, well, actually it is chicken soup, is very loosely adapted from the insane chicken and cabbage soup diet that was going around 15 years ago. Has the addition of spaghetti squash. Whoever started the vicious rumor that spaghetti squash is an acceptable replacement for actual spaghetti needs a horse whipping.

Diet time

Diet challenge in the office. I have to lose 8 pounds in month or pay $50. I’m not sure I can lose 8 pounds. Though I have it to lose, I’m not sure I have the stuff. I have had success over the years with some one of those fad diets that came around. I don’t recall the whole thing but it involved a lot of chicken (cabbage mostly) soup. You make a vat of it and then you can eat all you want anytime you want it. This might seem tedious but when you’re driven, well it works. You can eat things high in protein, but not fat. Fresh vegetable or fruits. I think you can’t have bananas or pineapple but I ignore that. You can’t have alcohol of course. Totally ignore that.

I made my vat of chicken soup. I like mushrooms but not in this particular soup for some reason, so I cooked extra ones. You can have all the damn mushrooms you can eat of course. I also like the soup with soy sauce. So sometimes I add that. In this case I added it to the mushrooms and ate that on the side.

As of today, one week, I’d lost .4 pounds. I’m plateauing.