Curds and whey

Left with a fair amount of buttermilk after making butter and while I am by no means cheap, I hate hate hate to be wasteful. I’ve been in a quandary (like I need another one in my life) trying to figure out what the hell to do with all that buttermilk. So, after spending some time on the google and YouTube, and by some time, I mean it can be measured on a calendar, I decided to make ricotta cheese with it. It was a bit messy but easier than easy. Bring the buttermilk to the boil, add a splash of vinegar, reduce to simmer for 45 minutes, and strain. 

This stuff is glorious, not at all like any ricotta I’ve ever had. I’m going to make a white lasagna with it. There was leftover whey which I then used in the meatballs that will accompany the lasagna. I like that idea . . . every bit of it used up. The butter, the curds and the whey. I think I’ll write a nursery rhyme about it.