Butter chicken

The Royal Indian Mounted Food Police decided to make butter chicken. I don’t recall ever having had this unlikely sounding Indian dish. And if I did, it was no where near as good as this. I’d have remembered it, I think. With it he served fried okra, raita (I made that and it was excellent…well, at least he didn’t complain about it so I take that as a good sign) and chapatis. The chapatis make it sort of an Indian taco deal and that was fine with me.

I could not for the life of me tell you what was in the butter chicken or how it was prepared. But I can say that it was a very complex operation involving a great deal of chopping, frying, fuss and bother. There was butter in it. I wasn’t really aware of it but I am certain that is was a factor in its deliciousness quotient.

And in case there was a possibility that I might forget how good it was, the smell lingered in the house for 3 days to remind me.