No 5G!!!

There is an area outside of the Bundestag (you can see what that is here) where people gather to protest. There are all sorts of things to protest (don’t I know it! The almost obscene absence of edible crackers in Germany for instance.) There are a lot of global warming protesters and displays, there’s a huge plastic waste protest, veritable buildings made out of plastic shit. (Don’t get me started on this topic!) And then there were these 4 protesters. I didn’t get my camera out quick enough to get a shot of their signs “NO TO 5G!” “NO UPGRADES!” I can think of a lot of things to protest but that would not come to mind. In fact, just what 5G is barely comes to mind. 

These protests remind me of Hollywood movie protests where there would be signs for all different mostly unrelated things like: “Ban the Bomb,” “Boycott grapes,” “End the War,” “Burn your bra.” I suppose I shouldn’t be so critical while sitting here eating Schnitzel mit Kartoffeln und Soß, and sluicing Weihenstephn Hefe Weissbier and they’re out trying to do good. 

I upgraded to 5G years ago though.