Caution thrown to the wind

Without thinking (pretty much how I conduct my affairs) I bought some pork chops. This is stepping pretty far out of my comfort zone. I like to make things that can cook for 3 hours or possibly as much as 6 and be good no matter the length of time it’s been simmering/braising/roasting, and served preferably on a starch, say, pasta, potatoes, on a bun or as a last resort rice.

Pork chops are another matter altogether. They are more in the steak realm of anxiety provoking cooking-attendance. I rarely make them because they need constant supervision and can go over to the dark side in a matter of a few minutes. And while I personally may be fussy, I don’t like to cook foods that are fussy. I took the precaution of brining these although that’s not something I think is usually necessary. But in this case it will reduce the chances of serving guests something that has more in common with shoes than food.

These were perfect and didn’t require nearly as much fussinizing as I’d imagined. I guess with a pork chop there’s not really the many distinctions that steaks have. Rare, Bloody, Medium Rare, On the Rare Side of Medium Rare (my own personal dictum), and we won’t even discuss Well Done. Who would do that to a steak??