Breakfast in Paris, part deux

We had breakfast at Deux Magots the fabled hangout of the Hemingway, Sartre, Picasso. A bunch of famous writers and artists, you know, whatever. Now it’s just a place tourists go. But, being a tourist and because it was raining (of course) and wanting to get out of the mess we ducked in. It’s actually quite nice and the waiters, while somewhat aloof, were nice enough. Plus they look extremely French waiter-y. Black coats, long white aprons. Love that.

I ordered the oeufs natures, a plain omelet. I thought. The waiter asked me some question and I just agreed. I didn’t understand him. So much for my being so Frenchy French. He may have asked “once over easy or sunny side up” and I replied, oui, merci. I am such a doofus. Anyway. I got the fried eggs. Sunny side up as you can see. It didn’t come with toast which is what one needs for the express purpose of mopping up yolk. But if nothing else I love this picture.