Oh, I got issues alright

So I had a shit ton of that tangerine custard stuff and really didn’t want to go through the misery of making tart shells and clever guy that I am I decided to use mini cupcake paper things and put the cookie dough in the bottom. Super cool idea, super bad outcome. Turns out that cookies float. And i thought the tart shells were a hoopla.

Just, you know, FYI, I could have made a pie, like a key lime pie. Just one pie, with just one crust but no.

Once the little upside tangerine tartlets were baked I thought they might just pop out but, again, I was wrong. I had 2 options here. Throw everything off the counter and scream really loudly while slapping myself, or make bread pudding. I did both.

Not really. Bread pudding is always an option. Although it wasn’t bread, it was cookies. I put all the stupid tartlet things into a pan, covered it with cookies and filled it with the custard. At this point I didn’t give fuck what happened.

It was actually very good. Not that I will ever make it again.

Last night in California

Last night in California I made a winter meal, even if the weather is balmy and warm (this does not stop all the Californians from walking about bitching about how cold it is). I made a chicken pot pie and chocolate bread pudding, two things that are perfect for a frosty winter night.

I had to make the crust extra big to feed 6 people. Brian and Ida, Peter and Peter, Peggy and I. The crust was a little thin, but the important thing is that it looked good. And it did.

And it was delicious. As was the chocolate bread pudding. Even if there was no frost.

Dessert rescue #102

Taken in by the con artist Nick Stellino, I decided to make his yellow butter cake with chocolate. I am currently listening to a book about the Food channel and it appears that nearly anybody who has a tangential relationship to food can have a show. Nick, whose relationship to food is apparently tangential, is appallingly awful, I am sorry to say, but this cake seemed nice and I decided to try it. Suffering through his show is another issue.

The cake was not good and the rum sauce was downright awful. I will admit that maybe it was the flour. But he was not specific about flour and I used what I used. 

So after I served it to my (perhaps former) friends Michael and Terry I decided to foist the rest of it off on my pizza night friends. You can make your shoes into chocolate bread pudding and no one will be the wiser.

It wasn’t bad. On the other hand it wasn’t all that good. Of course I will have to make a second try at the cake before I decide the recipe is abandonable. 

Bad cake, revised

I can make bread pudding out of anything. In this case it’s cake pudding. The leftover eggless cake got the eggs put back in. The stuff didn’t dry out as much as I’d like because there was a half cup of oil in it,. Generally speaking the bread you use in bread pudding should be pretty stale. But it worked just fine for this super-bad-for-you chocolate cake pudding. I served it to Jodie and Steve while we watched Downton Abbey parts 1 and 2 of season three.