Mo’ Bordeaux

I have the idea that there is something sacred or holy about making the Camino de Santiago de Compostela pilgrimage. This is a walk that several people I know have done. But I thought it was a specific walk in Spain. It turns out that these walks are all over the place You can start in Russia if you want to. But maybe it is not even a pilgrimage. It’s a trek tho. From Bordeaux to Santiago de Compostela it is a 198 day walk. There is nothing holy about this to me. Well, yes, wholly insane. So I did my pilgrimage in Bordeaux. It was just a few blocks but I’m pretty sure I get the points. There are no real written rules that I am aware of, at least not ones handed down from St James, so, you know, it counts. There are various organizations, societies, clubs and legions to which you may attach yourself in some way, shape or form, the most common one was started in 1987. Mm hm, just sayin’

I’m happy with the French Card-Carrying Covid Club (valid in all EU countries) into which I’ve been inducted. There is a document of some sort you get at the end of the Camino but, again, I have my FCCCC document and that’s good enough for me.

Anyway this little clam shell dealio in the street is what makes it a part the Camino de Santiago de Compostela, so, you know, verified in my mind.

Oh Bordeaux

Such a fabulous place. As I understand it the architecture of Paris is based on the architecture of Bordeaux. And you can see it. In fact the whole place is stunningly beautiful and looks more like Paris than Paris does. And it does not have the billions of scooters, insanely crowded sidewalks and the hyper-commercialism of Paris. So gorgeous.

Le vaccin c’est ma bite

It had seemed to me that all of France was pretty sanguine about the vaccine and wearing of masks. Of course, I am not seeing French news which might be a clue as to the mood in France about such things, but no one seems to have to be aggressively forced to put on a mask before they enter into ANY venue at all (you must wear a mask in every store no matter it’s size).

And you cannot go into any restaurant or museum without a health QR code which you get when you get the vaccination. Restaurants are fierce about proving you’ve had it. You are stopped at every single door. I could not get even near the train to Bordeaux without showing my French QR code (insert tooth sucking noise) to get onto the platform.

Imagine my surprise in Bordeaux when I saw this imbecile’s car. Of course the spoiler on the back of this expensive Mercedes was sort of a clue to the workings of this guy’s mind, and we know it’s a guy because this literally means “The vaccine is my cock.” The side says, “Without mask, without hood.” In this case “capote” means condom. I hope to god he’s not breeding.

Resistance indeed, Mr Tough Guy.