A little play on words there. Bordeaux being the wine, and bord’eau meaning on the edge of water. The restaurant is on the river. Spectacularly situated, lovely and modern inside. We went there for our first dinner in Belgium after our triumphal return from Italy. Perhaps it wasn’t so triumphal, Ryan Air can take the triumph out of most anything, They flights are cheap but for the entirety of the flight, the attendants have to shill products up and down the aisles, food and drink of course, but duty free items, smokeless cigarettes, lottery tickets and on and on.

So we went to Bord’eau. It was raining, apparently a common issue in Ghent. It’s raining as I write this. I was a little concerned because we were seated next to three of the grandest priests I could have imagined. When we arrived they were drinking champagne. For the record, when I have dinner with my friends who are priests from my seminary days, they do not wear Roman collars. These guys not only had on the Roman collar but also huge swag chains supporting large crucifixes tucked into their waist bands. After champagne they made a huge show of making the sign of the cross and saying a long, loud prayer (in Dutch). It turned out they had reason to be thankful. They were eating the 4 course lobster menu. Gotta love that.

Anyway, below is my “beet and radish salad.” It was very schoolio. Ashish had the “surf and turf” raw beef with crab on top of it. It was surprisingly good. My “salad” was just too weird to appreciate any way except conceptually.

Ashish followed up with fish and chips (tartar sauce is better in Milwaukee), but the rest of it was good. Well, french fries, what can you say. I had Belgian steverji. With fries, it was awesome.

The priests appeared to enjoy their meal.