Mushroom turnovers

I had one of my book clubs (you’d think I was constantly reading but I am not) and I was to bring “finger food.” Since I had pastry dough leftover from my 4th of July pie, empanadas or something like them came to mind. A couple cans of mushrooms, some caramelized onions and shredded cheese and boom! empanadas.

They were pretty good considering, well, canned mushrooms and leftover dough.

Tomatoes, continued

This tomato has sat on my counter for weeks. I bought it to use when I was supposed to host my book club which I seem to recall was the 29th of April. I also assume I bought it well in advance of the day since I am generally well prepared to cook. But let’s just say I bought it on the 29th. Today is the 16th of May. Last night I ate the tomato. No tomato in the world lasts 3 weeks sitting on a counter. Except they do now. They are genetically modified to do so. They are also genetically modified to taste good. And it did. I don’t know what I feel about this.

Book club was cancelled.