Bad names for restaurants

Beef or Salad?  Just not toothsome. There was not a soul in the place ever, and why would there be when they could be eating down the street at The Glue Pot? At least The Glue Pot is a mom and pop place. Beef or Salad is a chain. The problem, as I see it is that it does not really appeal to either audience, a real beef eater wants to go to some place that takes steaks (or as the French spell it in their translations: steacks) seriously. And vegetarians are most likely not particularly attracted to it either.

I suppose that the idea is that you can have a heavy meal or a light meal but I don’t think that “idea” is big motivation to get one into a restaurant. Like the former restaurant in Milwaukee, No Pork on my Fork. I get that it’s kosher, or in this case halal, but it just isn’t what motivates. Good food or ambience is. 

I should know. I had good food and ambience and see where that got me.