Chicken kefte

I do not think that chicken kefte exists in the lands where kefte and keftides came from. Nonetheless, that did not stop me from making it. It seemed like a no brainer. Chicken is cheaper and less environmentally impactful than lamb or beef. I ground my own meat (shoulda used thigh meat) added the requisite onions, garlic, spices and mint, and browned them up in a non stick pan (Love these pans that I bought in Paris from Mauviel)) Then I took them out of the pan and caramelized the onions and peppers (mechouia) adding tomato paste when they started to brown and leak water. Once the mechouia was done I added the balls back into the pot and simmered them for a while. I ate them with tzatziki. 

Hockey pucks. Good flavor, the texture though, let’s just say Bobby Orr has taken a few to the teeth.

But I ate ’em. I’m good with a slap shot to the mouth. As long as it’s vaguely edible.