Tortilla pizzas

It’s cheating. I know that using flour tortillas a a pizza crust is morally wrong but it’s so much easier. So much of life is like that isnt’ it? But since I got these blue steel baking sheets it’s not only easier it’s also better since they hold 2 pizzas at a time, and, more importantly, the heat to make a cracker crisp crust.

I use 2 tortillas for each pizza, spread with sauce, cheese and toppings. I make sure I have my mis en place* ready before I assemble the pizzas. The baking sheets are in the oven getting hot. Gotta pre-heat the over to 450 degrees for a good 15-20 minutes first. I assemble each pizza (there could be as many as 4 in the oven at once) on a dinner plate. When the the tortillas are all adequately loaded, I whip out the screamin’ hot pans, slide the pizzas (I was going to say pizzatillas but the word made me queasy) onto them and whip ’em right back in the oven. In 10 minutes (bottom pizzas are done first) you’re eating pizza with crust so crisp it’s crunchy.

The best one last night was topped with jarred muffaletta, artichokes, olives and hot pepper relish. The one with all vegetables was good but it didn’t get eaten so I assume it came in third, with the pancetta, onion and bleu cheese securely in second place.

Oh and, full disclosure. I used colby/jack pre-shredded cheese. May the Lord have mercy on my soul.

*Mis en place means all your shit ready, chopped, portioned out, and on the counter in little containers, preferably matching and/or cute ones.