Side salads

For my party…side salads…1.) black bean with pepitas…2.) Mexican mechouia…3.) Tomato Avocado salad with cilantro rice (my personal favorite) not that I even tasted any of them, I didn’t, someone did though, they were all consumed. I didn’t take pictures of the refried beans or the green chile mac and cheese. Gone too. Well, the one pan of mac and cheese was gone. I had to foist the other pan off on co-workers. They did not complain.

Recently at my cottage

I did not get a picture of the zucchini cake which is too bad. My sister Mary K made it and it was not only beautiful but tasted great. I was too busy being frantic about getting food on the table. Tomato salad (leftovers made excellent liquid soup, er, salad), black bean salad with peppers and avocados, deviled eggs (I did not make these. I do not have the patience for peeling eggs), rice and black beans (I don’t know, black beans twice in one meal seems like overkill but no one complained), pulled pork sandwiches and corn. 

Great meal with old friends (and family).