Michelin stars ‘n such

Almost a month ago we made reservations at one of the few Michelin starred restaurants in Berlin. The soonest we could get in was October 20th and even then the only reservation we could get was at 6 pm which is a tad early but hey, It’s Michelin starred!!

It’s a Thai place called Kinde right down the street. You can look at their not very good website here. The day of I decided to just take a quick peek at their menu. Welp. No. There were only 2 items as main courses, grilled pork neck or chicken curry. OK, fine. I could eat either of those, although the grilled pork neck seems sort of grim. But it’s a prix fixe menu so for 65€ (each) with an additional 35€ (each) for a “wine pairing,” whatever that means, although what I think it means is that they pick the wine and you have no say in the matter which then means imma be less than happy with the wine and they’re pouring just a dab every 20 minutes from a bottle that’s not anywhere where you can get at it.

The photographs on the site, through which you have to scroll for 5 minutes to get to any information, were also pretty grim, including this alarming tidbit which seemed to have more in common with Hallowe’en than the Guide Michelin, and really most of the other pix were less than toothsome . . . to me, anyway. If you’re a cat you may find them considerably more to your liking. Fried fish skin is just never really all that appetizing to me.

I don’t think I’ve ever had a particularly good experience in a restaurant with Michelin stars (which begs the question why were we doing this?). While I may bear a vague resemblance to the Michelin Man, my gourmet status is slightly less than stellar falling somewhere between gourmand and glutton on the Gourmet-to-Glutton Spectrum. I cancelled the reservation and we went to a Vietnamese restaurant and had an exquisite meal for a total of 95€ including the “wine fucking pairing.”