Beef soup

Does such a thing exist. When I told the Royal Indian Mounted Food Control Police I was making that for dinner he asked if there really was such a thing. I have to admit, there’s chicken soup and turkey soup, but not beef soup or pork soup. That I can think of. There’s beef barley, and beef and vegetable, and beef and mushroom. But not just beef soup.

I had the remnants of a pot roast with carrots, potatoes and mushrooms, not enough to make a meal but enough, so I went with beef soup. Pot roast soup, I dunno. I could just have eaten the leftovers and drank a couple cups of water with it because that’s essentially all it was. I chopped everything up and threw some water into the pot. OK, and some more mushrooms.

I ate it with raita. Actually, it wasn’t raita, it was chip dip and it seemed like a good idea but it really didn’t work here. It works fine with chips but not with beef soup. The soup was good though. Just not served with chip dip. And while beef and noodle soup, and beef and dumpling soup sound good, Beef and Chip Dip soup does not have the right ring to it.