Fusion bao

Now that I have discovered how easy it is to make steamed buns imma get on that bandwagon more often. I have a supply of frozen bread dough, not that it’s that hard to make if I was looking to make more of them. I also want to try using Parker House roll dough. I made them at Thanksgiving and that dough was really nice to work with and is slightly sweet. Last night I made BBQ beef (instant pot) and Cambozola filled buns, respectively. The bread dough was French, BBQ can be sorta Chinese but they, the Chinese, apparently do not like cheese and a bleuish cheese would probably more than they would be able handle. But these were truly uber-the-top amazing. 

Naturally I did not take a picture of them in their final state. (Well, their final state is around my waist.)

This staying home alone is putting a crimp in my need to exercise my culinary wings. And I am surely going to get fat and develop all sorts of bad living-alone habits.