Thai slop, or something

I’d really like to make bang bang slop again but i cannot find the Thai sauce that I used to make it. It was something Ashish gave me when he dumped all his crap onto me and fled to Belgium. The thing is that the sauce is probably nothing but maraschino cherry juice or at least that sweet and it’s best that I not use it.

But the store had shiitake mushrooms and the broccoli was staring fetchingly at me and so I bought a couple of other things, baby bok choy (which I had to re-hydrate) and green onions, you know, oriental-y things. Once I fried it all I doused it with soy sauce and a tablespoon of red curry paste it was reasonably bang bang ish. But without the sugar so, not that good. The peanuts helped.

I don’t really even know what bang bang means.

Bang-bang slop

Monday night I was making a kind of Thai, Indian curry thing. It’s the kind of thing I usually call slop. 

Slop is the stuff I generally make for dinner that has no formal basis in recipe-reality and is usually eaten with a spoon. So Mexican slop can be a bunch of stuff in tomato sauce with chili powder. Italian slop is essentially just Italian pasta sauce I eat without pasta (Lifetime Diet Plan, carbs, my sworn enemy). Indian slop is, well, most any Indian thing I make that Ashish always thinks is inauthentic. 

On our way into Door County a few weeks ago my sister Patty was feeling a little peckish and she bought a couple packs of peanuts. I found one under the seat of my car on the way home Monday. And, as it turns out, in Door County two nights later, I was introduced to bang-bang chicken a coincidentally Thai curry dish that was really good and seriously spicy-hot dish with peanuts. Anyway, there I was making Thai curry slop with cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, peppers, onions, mushrooms, you know, whatever.  So I smacked that bag of peanuts with a mallet, tossed it into the pan and voila. Bang-bang slop. It was seriously awesome, if also seriously hot.