Parade of dinners

Last night I ate at Eddie Martini’s. In a series of birthday dinners which began with my private birthday pizza on Monday, my third dinner was at the, not exactly venerable, but oldish steak house near the medical school. Of course there was a table of loud, self-involved doctors, half of whom were obese (the fattest of whom was drinking iced tea, I noticed) right across from us. So the loud bellowing, gas bagging and ranting in that doctoral way they have of not caring about anybody but themselves, or perhaps the show they like to make so everyone can know they are doctors was kinda distracting but I was with my sister Ann and the food was good and the doctors were a somewhat amusing spectacle to make fun of. She pointed out that a year ago we were in Paris for my birthday.

I had a flank steak, it was done perfectly and a pommes anna kinda thing that was also good. The best thing though, was the spinach. Seriously.

The night before I went out with Sue, Terry, Michael, Anne and Bill to Odd Duck, an odd little place, newly opened. It was packed. The food was good and the service was good, if intense. We shared food and what really sticks out in my mind was the banana ice cream. It was amazing.

Sitting outside Eddie’s having a disturbing conversation with my sister Mary Kay while looking at the medical school.