Don’t go here

I’d really, really like to love this place. The calamari was good. The salad was lame, cold not-ripe tomatoes, but OK, that’s sort of a supper club salad. But the veal scallopini was awful. The breading turned to slime. And the lovely looking prime rib tasted like baloney. Whatever canned jus they put on it was terrible. 

The whole meal was awful. But the place was quaint-ish, the people were nice and the service lovely. I just can’t say the name of it. I can’t speak so poorly about a restaurant. Though I will say it is near my cottage, down a winding tree lined road, in a lovely spot between 2 lakes. But it is unlikely anyone will ever go there so I won’t worry about not saying the name so it can be avoided. It’s so far off the beaten path not a soul would accidentally stumble into the place without knowing it existed, although I did. 

But don’t go here. Where ever here is.