Gardening, a series of disappointments punctuated with letdowns, disasters and calamity

Last year I thought I had the worst, most inedible cantaloupe. Until this year. I wanted small melons since, well, there is just me and I figured when the fruit came in I didn’t want huge amounts of melons which, though I love them, can smell terrible. I  shouldn’t have worried…huge amounts….AHAHAHAHAHAHA.

So far there have been 2. And they were terrible. I ate the first one in spite but threw the second one out. There’s another one sitting there in the garden, not yet ripe (Count ’em 3—total). 

Meh, let the fucking raccoons eat it. The squirrels aren’t. That’s for sure.

Well that was a disappointment

Next time I plan a vacation I am going to attempt to not do it in the middle of the harvest season. I had been watching the cantaloupes in a race against time hoping I’d get to taste at least one. And then just before I was ready to go, one ripened. It was just a small one, good enough for a breakfast. I picked it and put it in the refrigerator over night so it would be crisp and cold in the morning.

Gaack!! It tasted awful. More like a cucumber than a melon, and a bitter one at that. OK, it was the first one, maybe they would sweeten up but I was leaving the next day for vacation. I told the people staying in my house to eat all my produce which they happily did. Except for the melons. She told me they tasted terrible. I don’t remember where I got this but next year, I’m growing my own. Oh, I have plans…

Sugar cube my ass

Melons are just a disappointment.  A crap shoot. You never know what your’e going to get. I have thrown away 3 of them and a small watermelon I ate out of spite. I bought this “sugar cube” at a farm stand near my cottage. Sugar cube my ass. It was bitter and unpleasant. I couldn’t even bring myself to taste it a second time. I threw it out. 

When I was a kid it was a struggle to get them before the raccoons. The raccoons can have these.