Le Train Bleu

Tonight I am having the Paris contingent for Mexican hors d’oeuvres, if one can say that. And I am put in mind of my trip last year. Loralyn and I decided to eat at Le Train Bleu.

This Belle Epoque restaurant is in the Gare de Lyon train station in Paris. It is up on the second floor overlooking the comings and goings down in the station. The place is stunning. Beyond what I could ever have imagined. The trip to the bathroom was like a trip to another world. The place is vaguely run down but more than serviceable and it’s dusty edges give it a realistic quality. 

Unfortunately, the food was not exactly Belle, though it was époques between sightings of the server. The menu itself was not appealing. Very old school, straight laced, nearly unappealing. The service was annoying, tooth-sucking, oblivious and patronizing all at the same time. I would love to go back. I’d endure the crappy service, but not for that food. 

Maybe I will merely drink at the bar. Which would be fine with Loralyn.