Feeding my pet squirrels

I knew that the avocado trees were going to be an issue. While the trees are pretty far along and are more than a year old, the pits are still there and apparently pretty tempting. When I set it/them out in the spring the squirrels ripped one of the trees out but I stopped them from getting the pit which began to regrow.

And then I put plastic fencing and onion scraps over the dirt mistakenly thinking that might solve my problems (some of them anyway). Since it seemed to foil the little darlings for a minute and a half I became less vigilant. During my French lesson on Monday I saw the little fucker yank it out of the pot, I leapt out the door and he/she/they dropped it on my bridge and to spite it I took it and threw it away. I also had to explain to Franck my online French teacher about the ecureils careful to seem calm and not completely insane. After that I put a little fun contraption around and on it which does look a little off kilter. But I won’t be showing that to Franck.

I do not plan to get avocados, les ecureils would not let that happen anyway, but I do plan to use the leaves to cook with. Recipes here.