Keeping avocados

So I bought this contraption to keep avocados fresh once they are cut open. Epic fail. I suppose though, that it’s not likely a halved avocado is going to last 6 weeks. I did this a few weeks before I went to Germany. Just found it under a bag of cilantro, also not exactly on the fresh curve. Still, I could have made guacamole with it. For Satan. 

Jury’s out

This wasn’t the prettiest avocado to start with but I think this worked pretty well. It’s one of those gimmicky things that have invaded the Instagram. A silicone avocado keeper. I was very suspicious (because many of the other things I’ve gotten are complete crap) but this kept pretty well for 2 days. Like I said, the avocado itself was not in the best shape. I need to try it on a pretty one. And finding one of those is a crap shoot most of the time.

It will get more of a work out in the summer when life gets all margarita and salsa-y.