Steak tacos

Another experiment with America’s Test Kitchen (Cook’s Complicated, er, Illustrated, Cook’s Country, Christopher Kimball, whatever). Steak tacos although I wasn’t looking to make them, I am always interested in making them. Or anything edible really, well not anything with anchovies.

If I were going to the store to get steak for tacos, I would always be unclear on whether to use flank steak or strip steak or God knows what, I think their other suggestion was something called a tri-tip whatever the hell that is. And for the life of me, although I probably have seen this show and/or recipe 10 times I would be unable to remember what they suggest when I am presented with the choice at the store.

This time, though, I was presented with the meat first. I stopped at Bavette, my local, organic, blah blah and they had strip steak and it was about $20 a pound cheaper (seriously) than the other options. So I got it thinking, oh you know, I’ll just make whatever comes up when I google strip steak. Then I went googled it and the ATK strip steak taco recipe came right up.

The process wasn’t difficult, in fact, all you have to do is let the steak sit with salt and cumin on it for an hour and then grill. I can’t get my grill to be as raging hot as they get theirs, but then, they are able to reduce liquids in a fraction of the time it takes me, so I just got my grill as hot as possible and threw them on.

I don’t know if it was the meat itself, or the (what I thought was a very small amount of) process, but it was excellent. I mean really-good-I’ll-do-it-again excellent.