Poor choice for flour storage

I’ve noticed when watching any number of the myriad cooking shows I subject myself to that they flour containers the use are very wide mouthed. My flour container, chosen for its groovenescence not its ease-of-use, (and not by me at all), is not at all wide mouthed. In fact, it is the opposite. I cannot even get a 1-cup measuring cup in it. Once the flour is past the 3/4 mark I have to use a long necked spoon to get at the stuff. Drives me nuts.

Gent, redux

Here’s a blast from the recent past. One more meal from Ghent. I did not bring my iPhone that particular night so it went unrecorded by me. Ashish was supposed to have sent me these pics a month ago. ‘Nuf said there. He sent them to me in November.

Cheese fritters, not so much. Although I admit they look good. How could anything deep fried and cheese filled not be good? They were just OK. Better than the horrid shrimp fritters though.

Carbonnade also looking good but was way too salty and the mayonnaise for the fries was flavored with something I didn’t appreciate. The mac and cheese, which had a different, and far more Belgian sounding name, was good. And I liked the place. They need to set the salt shaker down.

And I like salt.

Polenta, further travails

This is a picture of the pan in which polenta was burned onto the surface. I am in the process of washing it. It was not easy. I had attempted to saute it since grilling it was not effective. Sauteing was not either. I blame Ashish.