Spt 27th, Da’ Ivo, Venice

I’ve been here before and I don’t really remember too much about it except that I’ve always wanted to go back. That and I have one of their napkins. It was Ashish’s birthday and I thought we’d go somewhere special. 

I looked it up on the internet and now it is the darling of American celebrities. In particular George Clooney who seems to have eaten there many times and Tom Cruise and his now ex-wife What’s her name. It’s sad that I know their daughter’s name is Suri (bad celebrity name alert name) but can’t think of the ex-wife’s name even if it’s been plastered on the front of every single magazine for months. Anyway, he looks like a dwarf in the picture of them. 

The prices, which I recall as being steep, are steeper. The wine list average price was about $250 with the median price being around $750. It was possible to order the house red for $30 but I imagined the staff urinating into a carafe, coloring it with Gravy Master and the sommelier presenting it with grand flourish at the table. I went with the the barely potable $60 bottle of cabernet. The waiter said “Excellent choice,” while thinking you cheap American fool.

I had burratini and tomatoes. It is a very fresh mozzarella, good tomatoes drizzled with pesto. It was excellent. Ashish had zucchini blossoms stuffed with crab and deep fried. They were also delicious. The food on the whole was really good. I had veal rolls stuffed with cheese and porcini. Awesome, Ashish had risotto with fresh peas and it was the best thing of the evening. 

On the way home we stopped at a gelateria ad got these ridiculous ice cream drinks. I see people having these all the time. I’ve never had one before. It was delicious. I wonder if Katie Holmes likes them. I knew I would think of her name eventually.