Unpublished post 7

I happened to notice that I have 24 unpublished drafts on my blog posting list. So I’ve decided to fill in a few empty spaces with some of these.

Best leftovers

I first had this salad in Paris on my 60th birthday (now a distant memory), dining alone on a Sunday night. Sitting in a relatively charmless cafe on the street. Vinaigrette, shallots, celery, carrots and parsley. I served this to my French class on arugula. It was great, as usual. But the leftovers the next day were the big attraction. I love leftover salad.

I’m so over basil

And I feel bad about it. I still grow it but after a couple of decades of heavy summertime basil usage I just am tired of it. I still grow it and am good at growing it but basil pesto, no thanks (not that fond of pine nuts either). But for a recent Italian meal, Venetian actually (it was book club and we read City of Falling Angels, a book about Venice), I made arugula pesto, apparently a Venetian recipe. Instead of pine nuts the recipe called for walnuts which is what I usually use anyway.

I spread it on crostini and added chopped olives and/or fresh mozzarella, sage leaves and onion slices. I have to say it was really really good. I’d like to try it on pasta but, well, too many carbohydrates in pasta. I have to save those calories for wine.

Lazy meal

It has been a hectic several days, nephew got married, hence the missing-in-action thing (surprisingly Ann White has not been hounding me which is a nice change of pace) and last night I was too lazy to go to the store but instead made a meal scrounged from the refrigerator. Onions, peppers and arugula pasta. With feta and parmesan. It was amazingly delicious. And really really quick.

The seething burning on the tips of my fingers and eventually in the left hand corner of my left eye were a small price to pay for such a lovely meal. But next time I will wear gloves when I cut up the serrano pepper.


Organic arugula, chard, mustard greens and broccoli flowers came this week, along with coriander seeds. Everything was wilting when I picked it up. I cut off the end of the stems/stalks and plunged it all into cool water. The broccoli flowers were awful. This might be my own fault. I don’t know but I won’t ever try them again. The arugula was good in my salad with shiso and purslane from my balcony.