More dangerous than zip lining

This goddam lunch we had afterwards. Hungry and exhausted (not really) we went to some sort of English pub thing with an over-the-top waiter who piroutted his way around the place like he was in The Nutcracker, and had a beer, burger and fries. This was waaay out of my comfort zone lunchwise. Then we went home and took a nap, not so much out of my comfort zone. The Royal Indian Mounted Food Control Police is very nap-positive.

I’ll take a double dose of my cholestoral meds and do an extra push up tomorrow.

Ski food, and I eat it

It’s a joke, I’m on a sea food diet . . . I see food and I eat it. This is leftover food that I would not have eaten if it hadn’t been here. You can see the problem. I have no self control. I’m ravenous when I come back in from skiing. The refrigerator is crammed full of luscious things. Sausage. Cheese.