Packaging and paying

I love grocery shopping in foreign countries. 

A. I like to grocery shop, and I was making dinner combining 2 of my favorite pastimes .

B. Alien packaging is always interesting to me (when I was about 5 we went to visit my uncle in Neenah and I saw that their milk came in completely different cartons than ours did, I was at once fascinated and somewhat anxious. Oddly packaging and anxiety became a way of life for me).

C. Since buying things with foreign currency is completely unfathomable (not that US money is all that fathomable to me) it seems like spending play money. It’s 500 zlotys? Who cares? They’re zlotys. Three hundred grozys? Yippee!! I’m on vacation. Whatever.

I swooned when I saw this packaging. It is really glorious. Tomato paste, I was making chili. I put it in my cart thinking seriously that I was going to save the can and then, for some reason, looked back at the shelf. The Eldorado brand tomato paste cost 5.50 krones (that’s 2.52 zlotys), the Mutti 16.50. Forget that. Sure I’m not that bright about money but, come on. Five vs sixteen, I may not be bright but I’m no doppio.

I saved a dollar. And I can live without another empty can. And I’d just be anxious about getting it home without denting it.

Someone bought my condo

I signed the closing documents for my condo a week before the buyer did, I on one Monday, and she the next. Being prone to anxiety, I was, well, anxious pretty much for that entire week. To celebrate, when it was over and the money had been transferred to my bank account (at 5 in the evening instead of at noon when it actually closed for an extra added kick in the angst solar plexus), I went out and bought a steak and a potato. I made a real charcoal fire (for one) in my grill. It was perfect for the occasion.

I’ve spent an aggravating year and a half building a house, and then several months prepping to sell a condo that I considered undesirable. After an offer was written and I accepted, there was the hell of packing it all up and then the additional anguish of moving. Some people may think this is a trip to the park, I do not. Anxiety features prominently in my life on an average day, this has been wretched. And when you’ve been worrying for that amount of time anxiety takes over your life, practically becomes a part of your genetic make up and it doesn’t easily go away. But slowly it has and while I couldn’t say my life is stress free, a burden certainly has been lifted. I will have to find something else to fill the all-consuming-worry nucleotide in my DNA. Which shouldn’t be all that difficult.