Antigua Real

You don’t find that many Guatemalan restaurants around here. But there is one in Mukwonago. It is named Antigua Real (Royal Antigua or old royal is what it means as far as I can tell). As it happens, Antigua is the one place I’ve been to in Guatemala. And abiding memory of it is how spectacular the food was. This Antigua Real has good food but it ain’t what I recall of Antigua, Guatemala. Odd how I can recall actual meals from so long ago. Tacos ricos, Italian sausage taco with swiss cheese and something like steak sauce on them. Oh my god.

I really like this place except that their margaritas taste like Wyler’s limeade mix. But their red wine is not terrible so it’s safe for me to go there.

One of their appetizers is this lustrous faux dessert. Deep fried plantains covered with molé drizzled with créma, sitting on a bed of epizote-herbed black beans. Uh, Jesus, it is fine.

The plantains are crispy hot delicious outside and soft and lovely inside. The beans are hot and spicy and the molé is, well, what’s not to like in a savory chocolate sauce?

Too bad about the margaritas though.