Goodbye Joe me gotta go


Mardi Gras is over and it’s Lent. I know I should be giving something up, like drinking (been there, done that) or candy or running….that I could really go for! But the festive aura of Mardi Gras lingers on with me and I decided to make Jambalaya for family last week. I’m sure I’ve made it before but I googled it and found this. You can find the recipe here. recipe and followed it to the T which is pretty rare for me. It was delicious but the recipe says it says it serves 6 to 8. It’s more like 10 to 12. But then leftovers are always welcome.

It’s really pretty simple. And it’s delicious. Chicken, Shrimp, andouille sausage (I used chicken andouille), okra and rice with Creole spices and the holy trinity; green pepper, celery and onions.