Oh yeah, and Baltimore

I wasn’t there all that long really and I’m not sure how you can get to know any place in just a couple of days. But I loved what I saw. I was staying essentially on the Johns Hopkins University grounds. The neighborhood was gorgeous. I went to the Fell Point area also fabulous. It’s an old cobblestoned restaurant and entertainment district (not a big fan of the cobblestone for walking purposes, though, cute but dangerous, says an old man) but I think the real testament to the city was their not-that-great areas.

These are shots in the areas I’d been warned to be careful of (and where the google took me to get gas). Didn’t seem so bad to me.

But the American Visionary Art Museum was mind blowing. Not only was the building fabulous but their current exhibit on compassion was sublime.

That’s pretty much all I saw but there is so much more there. I don’t know when I will have a chance to go back but I’d love to. Even for another long weekend.

Aside from the hell of travel it was amazing. Below is what I encountered at 5:35 am on a Thursday in Milwaukee when I was leaving. Eventually I made it to the gate and boarded only to have to get out of the plane wait for repairs and then reboard. I had plenty of time to waste and no connecting flight to catch but really?