Eggless chocolate cake

I’m having some newly married friends over for dinner this week and he’s allergic to eggs. They did not have a cake at their wedding they had a cheese course. It was awesome. Nonetheless, I am making a cake for dessert. Making enchiladas for dinner. Tomato avocado salad, maybe some beans.

And eggless chocolate cake. I wanted it to be a large thin sheet of cake that I could cut 2 circles out of. What I got was a massive square of cake that I cut into 4 squares which would equal 2 smallish layer cakes. I was planning on frosting it with chocolate malt frosting. Yeah, that didn’t work so well. The cake was very fragile. Obviously, with no egg to create structure it was soft and easily torn. So I made the frosting very runny with butter and malt syrup and poured it over the thing.

It looks nice. But it was awful. I’m not sure what I did wrong but it was not edible. I threw it out.