Chopped Master Babies

I really like the competitive food show Chopped and I was excited to see that they had developed Chopped Masters a show that features, among other famous chefs, the judges from the show itself. I have often wondered if the judges realize how hard it is to do what the contestants do. And what they do is receive a box of “mystery” ingredients and then have 20 or 30 minutes to make something.

Some of these judges and celebrity chefs have competed on Iron Chef, but that is a formula, they have advance knowledge of the ingredients, they have huge kitchens and assistants. On Chopped they share kitchens and equipment. They have no knowledge of the ingredients and indeed, the ingredients have included such things as goats heads, complete with skull and teeth, gummy worms. Oddball stuff that bears no relationship to each other much less cooking reality.

The “Masters” were completely thrown softballs. TOTALLY unfair. Totally. They got a mystery basket in which the “difficult” ingredient was pizza sauce. Come the fuck on!!! Where were the goat’s heads?? The peanut butter blossom cookies? Twinkies? (OK, there aren’t Twinkies anymore, but still). Personally, I think these insane ingredients weaken the show. Nonetheless, every other show I’ve seen, every single one, even ones where the contestants are housewives or school teachers have impossible ingredients. the basket also included a capon, a luscious large chicken, buratta, and maybe arugula. To make it worse their website crows:

<< The judges take on the same exact mystery basket ingredients as the show’s contestants  >>

Same exact? Who writes this? “Same exact” is not grammatically correct nor is it true. While I liked the competition a lot more since no one was having to include unpleasant ingredients (Really? giant gummy worms? I don’t want to eat them no matter how they are hidden in my food) in the mix. It was far better to watch real food being made than silly ingredients being hidden.

But more than anything. What babies those judges are.