I’d like to chaat

This was a great meal. Aloo chaat. I can’t quite say what chaat means, but aloo means potatoes. Wildly complicated potatoes and chick peas. First you squash the potatoes, then they and the chick peas are fried in oil, and dressed and sautéed in some sort of paste, then drizzled with yogurt and then tamarind chutney, sprinkled with cilantro and topped with sev. Pronounced SAVE which are tiny noodle-like things. I had the Royal Indian Mounted Police hectoring, I mean, helping me quite a bit. And I’m pretty sure it turned out properly although I’m glad he wasn’t here to tell me differently (on the whole though, I wish he were here) but it was delicious. As was the tandoori chicken which was as easy to make as the aloo was difficult.

I didn’t get a picture of the coconut cream pie. When you’re trying to get all those layers on the chaat it’s hard to keep up. As it was I forgot the naan, sitting in plain site and the raita which I left in the refrigerator. Maddening.