My new old grill

I grill a lot, well into the winter and as early in the spring as I can. When I moved into my condo I had some lame-ass grill that, while cleverly connected to the interior gas line, was a piece of crap-o-rama. That was 12 years ago. More than, actually. So I put that piece of crap out on the sidewalk (from where it was taken in a matter of minutes) and I went out and bought a $1,200 grill. It was freaking awesome. (That’s $100 a year for my grill for those of you who are gasping at the expense and are impaired mathematically.)

But things started going south last year. There were hot spots, the starter didn’t work, I had to use a lighter, and the grills, which had suffered more than a decade of neglect, were practically unusable. I laugh every time I see someone on Cook Country/America’s Test Kitchen, oil up their pristine grates. I never do that. I was awful to the poor grill.

It seemed like it might be time to man up and get a new grill. And then, whilst tooling down the freeway, I spotted a van that said All Seasons Grill Cleaners. I had to speed up to read his info, eventually taking my phone out and snapping a pic of the thing thereby endangering the lives of everyone else on the interstate. But it was worth it.

Kevin, the grill guy, came to my house and fixed my grill. It wasn’t cheap, there was a lot that had to be replaced including the dealio that the gas came out of, the grates and the clicker starter thingy (I am not so much up on the technical terms) but it was a lot cheaper than a new grill and if I get 7 more years out of it was worth it. (and I can’t say enough nice things about Kevin the grill guy.)

I haven’t taken it for its maiden voyage yet but I’m expecting big things.