Not that I’m complaining

I am leaving for France. And Italy.

OK, so actually I am complaining. Business class ain’t what it used to be. This lounge…I mean, come on. This is barely a step up from the regular waiting area. Except that the booze is free. Well, and there are no children. But it is completely packed with people. The AirFrance lounge is also the waiting area for KLM, TurkishAir, Lot, the Polish airline, Air Lingus (I am fine with this one), AirAleppo and several other dubious airlines who are too poor to afford their own private business class lounges. Gone is the cadre of subservient tidy-uppers scuttering around clearing the detritus of the over-privileged, gone are the abundant wheels and wedges of various French cheeses, replaced by plastic wrapped cheddar rectangles, gone are the piles of flaky, sometimes still-warm croissants and pats of lovely butter replaced by little corn muffins…how is this French? Gone are the little sandwiches of smeared-on beef-like spread replaced by…nothing. I had a bag of Cheetos. Oh fine. I love Cheetos.

I have to bus my own mess of wrappers (and there are a few) if I want any room on the tiny , toilet-shaped table I am sharing with someone using an unidentifiable computer, certainly not an Apple product, fer chrissake, he’s drinking WATER!!! Kim Davis is probably in here somewhere.

On the plus side the ticket was barely more than regular fare, the bordeaux is good, and there seems to be a sports team of some sort or other that is cute as long as they don’t get drunk and start throwing things. Although I am good if they get drunk and take their clothes off…so much for that, they just all got up and left when they announced a flight departure for JetSlobovia.