In-flight delight

Or not. We knew before we got on the flight back to Berlin that there would be something to eat. I knew it was not going to be great but I could eat it, or at least some of it and wouldn’t arrive really hungry. So as they were passing out the “snack” which was again “pizza” I could hear the flight attendants saying “normal or vegetarian.” I knew from the flight over that one had cheese and the other just had vegetables so when she asked me I said “normal.” Welp.

I honestly had no idea what it was. At all. It was the most utterly abnormal thing, not to mention pizza, I’d ever seen, much less eaten. Ashish burst out laughing when he saw it. There was no KitKat. : (

The flight attendants on Aegean Airlines were very professional and responsive. They were completely unflapped by the late arrival of an enormous basketball team not to mention several wrong seat snafus that caused major boarding back ups. They were also all exquisitely beautiful. Well the women were. The one guy looked like Chris Elliot. But the women were young, each and every one, fully and perfectly made up, hair pulled back into chignons, wearing stockings, sleeveless dresses with scarves wrapped around their necks and high heels. I think that they should dress to look more equipped for the job they do. The guy looked like a dump. He just had on a shirt and pants—and the shirt was untucked in the back. Double standard. I know, I’m gay, I don’t care about how wonderful they looked, some guy certainly does. If they let men look like they’ve just been dumpster diving, the women should be able to do so as well. Just sayin.’

I ate this but I have no idea what it was.
There was something suggestive of a bread-like substance with a hint of what may have been tomato related.
Chris Elliot