Arroz con pollo

Cook’s Complicated, er, Country, or America’s Test Kitchen or some one of those Christopher Kimball-related shows had a complicated recipe for Rice with Chicken. And you can watch the video here.

I made the recipe exactly as instructed (Karen please take note). But the roasting time of 20 minutes was 20 minutes too short. After 40 minutes in a 350 degree oven and 20 minutes of resting. It was perfect. And it was. Just exquisite. I would soooo make this again. And now that I know what I am doing I can do it without the anxiety. Just kidding. There’s always anxiety.

Gratuitous salad shot


Arroz con pollo recipe

Six chicken thighs, salted and peppered on both sides 

and then browned on both sides in a dutch oven.

While that is happening, 7-9 mins per side,

process a cup of cilantro

1/2 cup onion

1 cup green pepper

5 garlic cloves

1TB cumin

to a paste

Remove chicken from pan, pour of most of the fat (or not)

add 1/2 cup of chopped onion to the pot and

1TB Sazon

this is a Mexican seasoning mix. 

I used Culantro [yes, culantro is a thing, it’s not cilantro]

 and Achiote flavor (as they did in the show, Karen)

Then add 2 cups medium grain rice and sauté with onions and Sazon

Add 2.5 cups chicken stock

1 tsp salt

Bring to simmer, add the cilantro paste 

1/2 cup sliced green olives and 2 TB capers (rinsed if salted capers)

Remove the skin from the thighs and nestle them 

into the dutch oven cover and bake at 350 for 20-40 mins

Rest 15 minutes add 1/2 cup peas, fluff rice.

Good luck….buena suerte

It’s delicious but Jesus what a rigmarole.

Notes: Thats a holy hella lot of rice. 

I think 1.5 cups of rice and 2 cups of stock would be plenty.

Adjustable pan

Ashish sent me a pan from Europe, maybe it’s Belgian, I don’t know. But it opens to huge dimensions like 12 by 18. There is a z-shaped center piece that also adjusts. I’m not sure if I like it more than my old  adjustable pan there are certain advantages to both. I don’t know how people live without them. My mother, for instance, has never in her 83 years had one. 

And she seems fine without it. 

Adjustable pans

I use this adjustable cake pan as much as any thing in my kitchen. I cannot remember where I got it or even when I got it. but it is really handy. It’s a square pan with a small lip all around it. The sides have slots and slide into each other. The inner pieces determine the dimensions of whatever you’re baking.

The best for me is the 4 small, square cake layers which I use to make 2 cakes but I have made 2 long layers and that becomes a long layer cake. That looks nice and is unusual but I don’t really have a cake plate that works for it.

In general, I like square cakes. They make nicer pieces than round cakes. Though I made key lime pie which Loralyn refuses to call pie because it is not round. She calls them bars. In my mind “bars” reek of northern Wisconsin and “aina hey.”

Chocolate Malt Cake

I made this cake last weekend. It is a box cake. I mean out of a box, although it is box shaped as well. I get 2 smaller cakes out of one box. The baked cake layers refrigerate very well and it’s very handy when you have frequent dinners and parties.

This one is a devil’s food cake to which I added an extra egg, a quarter cup of yogurt (plain, full fat), vanilla, malt powder and a pinch of salt. After I poured it into the pan I put “malt crumb” a recipe from the Milk Cookbook, onto the top of each layer.

For the frosting I used one part butter to one part cream cheese, about a quarter cup of cream into which I put about 3 tablespoons of malt. Gotta use Ovaltine actually, nothing else dissolves as well. And then I melted about 4 oz of chocolate, bittersweet I think. Anything will work, pinch of salt and a drop of vanilla. And whipped it all up.

 I used an adjustable pan (more on this remarkable contribution to the culinary world later) to make 4 smaller layers and use only 2 of them to make one cake. They’re littler cakes but people eat less these days it seems and I hate having leftover cake. I will eat it.