Athens—St George’s chapel

So he decides we need to walk/climb to the top of some hill on the outskirts of Athens. In the distance I can see it looming high up above the rest of the city. I seem doubtful. “There are steps!” He tells me. So we go. I’m all in for churches where I can light candles and look at religious crap. We head out, well, first out and then up on the streets of Athens. Eventually there are steps but then it becomes less like the streets of Athens more like treacherous terrain in the wild rather than steps. I worry about snakes. There are cactuses. A sure sign there are snakes.

The path becomes a little more actual path-like as we get higher but doubly treacherous as there are no barriers to prevent one from, say, free falling off the side of the hill. We were way up above Athens, it seemed a little dangerous but the view was spectacular. You could see the Acropolis. Right about at this point he informs me he cannot go further. He is acrophobic. Funny, since we can see the Acropolis. The two words are related.

I left him sit there in peace while I completed the trek to the top. St George’s chapel is about the size of my car. People were milling around outside, inside it was empty, really just a room with a hodge podge of various icons tacked carelessly to the walls and behind a pillar a lady was busy stubbing out lit candles and putting them back in the box to resell. No way I’m lighting a candle when I have actual proof they just snuff them out and resell them so that all my various graces and prayers will be snuffed out with it.

I got a good work out in though.