The Grand Tour, NYC, The Breslin

We had dinner with my friend Richard who is the music director of the touring company of the Phantom of the Opera and happened to be in NYC. We chose The Breslin, a very happening restaurant in The Ace Hotel. You can tell it is “happening” because I was immediately intimidated by all the New Yorky people in the very very crowded and dark bar. We were obliged to wait for a table until he arrived. And they oblige you in an I’m-from-New-York-you-hick-so-stay-right-here sort of way. Or maybe that’s just me. 

I detected another note of superiority when I ordered the cheap $85 bottle of wine too. But things lightened up between us and our waitress when we ordered food. I had the chop salad which was good and then a really lovely chicken saltimbocca. It was pounded paper thin and flash saut├ęd. And then garnished with a handful of arugula which I always think is nice.

I like a restaurant where I am encouraged to draw on the table. I managed to get a little doodle in before Ashish slopped wine all over the damn place. Presaging an upcoming slopping of wine that was quite a bit more dramatic. 

Over all, the meal was pretty good but it was no Three Letters.