Shaggin’ all the birds

In a recent bout of self discovery I realized that my days of drinking and eating any and everything I want are well over. As a young man on vacation in Mexico with my now-brother-in-law, an English man commented that, on observing me washing down a double Mexicali burger with the 72nd beer of my morning, he could no longer eat and drink like that. I thought with alarm I hope that never happens to me. Well, yes, it has.

The English man who I mentioned in a recent post, whose picture I took and was able to find in an old album, spent a great deal of his waking hours shagging all the birds apparently instead of eating and drinking. Or at least he talked about it quite a bit. It’s hard to imagine how he maintained that belly if he wasn’t eating and drinking all the damn time though.

It’s funny, in my memory he was wearing a green Speedo but maybe that was my brother in law. They have similar physiques.